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VGA/DVI/Video/EGA/CGA to DVI-D Converter


Model: ACS412A

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The VGA/DVI/Video/EGA/CGA to DVI-D Converter enables you to convert and scale various types of analog video, as well as DVI-I video, for output on a single-link DVI-D display.

The professional-grade, plug-and-play converter is ideal for applications with a mix of old and new video equipment, including graphics and video production studios and departments.

It's very useful with PC CPUs or other equipment with older video graphics cards or video equipment with just analog video output. Even better, the box scales the analog signal from the source's video card to a selectable size on a digital-only DVI screen.

The converter includes a DB9 connector for converting signals from legacy EGA and CGA graphics cards, as well as connectors for VGA (using an adapter cable to its DVI-I input), Component (YPbPr) video, S-Video, and Composite video input. Whether you have older equipment with pre-VGA cards or other types of legacy video equipment, this flexible converter fits the bill.

How it works.
The VGA/DVI/Video/EGA/CGA to DVI-D Converter digitizes the incoming signal and stores it in an internal video memory before displaying the video in a compatible format. The converter features more than 160 preset video formats in its internal table, and it enables you to configure DDC for optimizing source-to-display communications.

If the input signal corresponds to one of these formats, the signal will be automatically detected by the converter and the picture will be displayed. Or you can manually select the most suitable video mode, even if you don't know the input signal.

Optimizing the picture settings for your input signal is easy. Simply use the included IR remote controller to navigate through an on-screen display (OSD) menu of controls for resolutions as well as video-correction tools. Adjust color, pixel clock, pixel phase, aspect ratio, and other settings, and set it up to scale the picture to the maximum value automatically. Or manually select non-standard and unsupported video modes.

You can also use the DVI input without the VGA adapter cable to attach a DVI-I device and scale the digital video for output on the DVI-D display.

For larger video applications with multiple display conversions, we offer a 19" rackmount kit, which holds up to four ACS412A devices in 1U of space. To order this, contact our FREE Tech Support. Also ask about our vertical DIN-rail mounting option.

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