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Visix Adds Mobile Module to AxisTV Digital Signage Solutions
Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Visix Adds Mobile Module to AxisTV Digital Signage Solutions


Digital signage content is delivered to smartphones and tablets leveraging HTML5.
ATLANTA, GA – June 5, 2012 – Visix, Inc. has introduced a Mobile Module for its premier digital signage software application AxisTV. The module allows AxisTV users to publish content to smartphones and tablets using HTML5. The product is available for all markets, but is expected to be enthusiastically adopted in the higher education market, where communicators are challenged to reach students on the go.
“We hope that the Mobile Module makes it easy for customers to extend the reach of their visual communications to mobile devices. The approach Visix has taken simply requires a HTML5 compatible browser on a smartphone or tablet for content to be viewed,” says Trey Hicks, Chief Sales Officer for Visix. “For version 1.0 we are keeping it simple, however we are already excited about increased functionality we plan to deliver in the next version.”
The module provides audiences with mobile digital signage and allows communicators to achieve a higher level of message saturation by turning mobile devices into digital signs. The pre-designed module can be added to an existing web server, and is capable of determining the type of mobile device (Android or Apple) and formatting image-based content to that device. Users simply publish mobile content to a playlist within the AxisTV software that has been associated with the Mobile Module. The content can be viewed on smartphones and tablets with HTML5 compatible browsers, and users can swipe or tap to move through messages.
Some highlights of the Mobile Module are:
·         Deliver content to Android and Apple smartphones and tablets
·         Opt-in content viewing versus forced delivery
·         Content auto-sized with rotate, pan, zoom and tap functions
·         Simple integration with web servers
·         Easy ROI tracking through web stats
·         Effortless integration with AxisTV digital signage software
“The real-world applications of this are vital to effective visual communications,” says Ellyce Kelly, Communications Consultant for Visix. “We encourage our users to build in measurable calls to action in their messaging, and the Mobile Module makes that easy. For example, a college bookstore puts a “Free T-Shirt” message on digital signs with a QR tag that leads to a coupon on the Mobile Module. Students snap the QR tag, show the coupon on their phone to pick up their free shirt and purchase more in the bookstore. The manager can track how many web hits the HTML5 page had, how many T-shirts they gave away, and the increase in business during the promotion.”
The Mobile Module will be available in July 2012. Parties interested in purchasing AxisTV digital signage software or the Mobile Module should contact
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