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Visix Releases AxisTV v.9.0 with Desktop Designer and Conference Application Update
Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Visix, Inc., has released AxisTV version 9.0 – this major update to their flagship digital signage software centers on the new AxisTV Design desktop designer. The company has simultaneously released version 1.2 of their Conference data combiner application.

“AxisTV version 9 is an exciting release for us,” says Sean Matthews, President and CEO of Visix. “Although we’ve shown AxisTV Design at a few events, this is the first time it’s been generally released. It’s exciting because both AxisTV Design and Conference applications show our clients where we’re headed with our software. We’re working toward a brand new platform, while ensuring that our current clients can use these new tools with their legacy systems along the way.”

Cool Workspace. Quick Widgets. Cloud Sync.

AxisTV Design is available to the general public for the first time in the AxisTV v.9.0 release. It provides an intuitive, powerful design environment for creating messages, templates and layouts on the desktop; uses a completely new user interface modeled after familiar office application designs; and improves upon the favorite design tools and features in AxisTV.

This robust application lets content creators place design elements exactly where they want them with timesaving tools that make it simple to build stunning content to capture their audience’s attention:

Drag-and-drop widgets 

Guides and rulers with snap

Flexible workspace sizing

Familiar user interface

Design offline and sync later

Users can create messages, templates and layouts from scratch or from a previous design. They can also modify these designs between AxisTV Design and AxisTV Desktop interchangeably without disruption. Because AxisTV Design runs on the desktop, users can create content offline and synchronize with the system once they connect to a network. They can also share publishing authority with multiple users or set up an approval process to limit access. 

E-Paper Room Sign Manager

AxisTV Conference version 1.2 includes a host of new enhancements for improved user experience when combining and exporting data for EPS room signs:

Show more events and longer event names

Handy rooms textbox and easy source testing

Custom “no events” message

Improved Delphi event names

Conference fully integrates with AxisTV Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. For detailed information on these and other software releases, visit Parties interested in pricing and specifications for AxisTV v.9.0 and Conference 1.2 should contact

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