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Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Burnsville Minnesota, USA – March 5th, 2010: Telex Radio Dispatch, the Bosch-owned leading manufacturer and provider of IP-based radio dispatch consoles and signalling equipment, today announced the development of the open P25 standards-compliant Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI), enabling direct digital connection from the Telex C-Soft dispatch console in accordance with the TIA P25 Fixed Station Interface (FSI) standard.  The Telex Radio Dispatch solution will be certified with Tait Radio Communications equipment.

Telex’s P25 version of C-Soft will allow users to easily transfer between analog and digital voice modes, obtain ANI information, and access several other types of digital dispatch features. C-Soft is the industry’s most flexible and capable IP-based software dispatch console, and the integration of the P25 DFSI solution enables even greater ease of configuration and installation. C-Soft delivers all of the dispatch capabilities end-users expect while also providing the flexibility that only an IP-based software console can provide: simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up of communications assets, and the ability to save multiple configurations on a single computer. This proven platform has been deployed in communication centers around the world, in applications ranging from 911 dispatch to mobile command centers and transportation dispatch centers. 

Telex coupled with the Tait Radio Communications equipment, will providing a host of innovative additional features that add-up to provide the best-performing, most versatile dispatch system ever developed. When it comes to problem/solution versatility, Telex Radio Dispatch is truly in a class of its own. In addition to its high-performing IP-based radio dispatch consoles, Telex offers a complete range of optional accessories, including the soon-to-launch, state-of-the-art ADHB-4 and RHB

With mission-critical installations across the globe, Telex Radio Dispatch systems provide the widest range of rugged and reliable mission critical communications solutions for virtually any application. “Bosch has and will continue its strong commitment to deployment of P25”, says Laurie Garfinkel, Product Manager for Telex Radio Dispatch products (a business line of Bosch Security Systems, Inc.). “We are pleased to be working with Tait Radio Communications to create state-of-the art interoperability solutions between our products.”

Telex will demonstrate their P25 DFSI solution at the International Wireless Communications Exposition (IWCE) in Las Vegas, March 10 -12, 2010.  Please visit us and Booth #1001 and share with us your comments and feedback.