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SMART Technologies Inc. is a world leader in simple and intuitive classroom technology solutions. We are an innovator in software and interactive technologies that enable natural collaboration, helping every student and teacher discover and develop their greatness. To learn more, visit

Model: SP624

The SMART Podium interactive pen display lets instructors and professionals present while writing notes or illustrations with a cordless pen on the 24" touch screen.
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New SMART business solutions enhance meeting experiences
Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2010


New solutions make global collaboration easy and cost effective
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands --- February 2, 2010 --- SMART Technologies announces its new SMART business solutions, comprising integrated hardware and software products developed specifically to provide customers with easy-to-use tools that improve collaboration in interactive meeting spaces. The new SMART business solutions line includes SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards, SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems and collaboration software, including SMART Meeting Pro™ 2.0 software and SMART Bridgit™ 4.0 conferencing software. The range of SMART Board interactive whiteboard models ships with SMART Meeting Pro. SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems include a SMART Board interactive whiteboard with integrated projector and either SMART Meeting Pro or a collaboration appliance. SMART business solutions provide easy and immediate access to data and applications, enabling meeting participants to review files, share information and save and distribute their work to all team members. The components of SMART business solutions integrate easily, so users can create a solution that truly meets their needs – whether they want to upgrade their meeting rooms from flipcharts and dry-erase whiteboards or connect people in several locations in real time.
SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems include both widescreen (16:10) and standard (4:3) interactive whiteboards with integrated projectors. For meeting spaces that already have a dedicated computer, users can choose an interactive whiteboard system that includes SMART Meeting Pro. For meeting rooms without a dedicated computer, users can choose an interactive whiteboard system that includes a collaboration appliance, which enables users to create, share and distribute digital notes without the need for a computer. Business users also have the option to choose a premium system that includes SMART Meeting Pro Premium software (Microsoft® Windows® operating system only) and is configured for SMART Bridgit server software. SMART Bridgit conferencing software enables local and remote users to collaborate and share data on their SMART Board interactive whiteboards and laptops in real time, regardless of location. Notes and annotations can easily be captured and e-mailed to attendees, lowering printing costs and reducing environmental impact. Using SMART Bridgit conferencing software reduces travel requirements, lowers costs, increases productivity in meetings and enables people to collaborate more efficiently. SMART business upgrade kits will be available to existing users of the SMART Board 680 and SMART Board 685 interactive whiteboard systems in March and include a fixed unit wall mount, USB speakers and either SMART Meeting Pro or a collaboration appliance.
"We are using this technology to transform the way the company works. Originally we started off as a small pilot at Adastral Park”, says Alan Bateman, director of next generation engineering at British Telecomm. “It’s been so successful that we have now decided to deploy it across five global sites around the world, with the smaller sites collaborating using SMART’s business technology between each site. It is saving us a lot of money and we are able to have the teams collaborating in real time together – it has been very successful.”
”Online collaboration in the business world is very PC-centric and, as a result, knowledge workers have been somewhat constrained by the keyboard-and-mouse-only model,” says Alan Greenberg, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. “Changes in technology are enabling new, more natural and open ways for business people to collaborate, brainstorm and do better work in group settings – SMART Technologies is continuing to respond to the needs of the market with this announcement.”
“In today’s complex business environment, organizations require easy-to-use, integrated tools that facilitate collaboration and help teams make the most of their meeting time,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “The new SMART business solutions will enable organizations to create more engaging meeting spaces, increase productivity and make information sharing simple and efficient.”
SMART business solutions features
SMART Board interactive whiteboard – Includes a SMART Board interactive whiteboard with SMART Meeting Pro software.
SMART Board interactive whiteboard system – Includes a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, short-throw or ultra-short-throw projector and either SMART Meeting Pro software or a collaboration appliance.
SMART business upgrade kit – Includes SMART Meeting Pro or a collaboration appliance with a fixed unit wall mount and USB speakers to retrofit SB680 and SB685 SMART Board interactive whiteboards.
SMART Bridgit 4.0 conferencing software new features
SMART Scheduler – Allows the SMART Bridgit server to integrate with Microsoft Exc