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SMART Technologies Inc. is a world leader in simple and intuitive classroom technology solutions. We are an innovator in software and interactive technologies that enable natural collaboration, helping every student and teacher discover and develop their greatness. To learn more, visit

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The SMART Board® GX interactive display provides the basics for getting started with interactivity, at an affordable price.
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SMART at InfoComm 2023: Unveiling Collaborative, Connected Experiences
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2023
SMART at InfoComm 2023: Unveiling Collaborative, Connected Experiences

July 19, 2023 - InfoComm 2023, the premier event for the professional audiovisual and information communication industries, showcased an incredible array of innovation and technological advancements. As one of the industry leaders at the forefront of this event, SMART was proud to deliver our cutting-edge business solutions to attendees. If you were unable to join us in Orlando, keep reading to discover what was new at the SMART Booth and what you can look forward to this year.

Revolutionary Collaboration: The Groundbreaking Crestron and SMART Integration

During InfoComm 2023, we unveiled a truly groundbreaking integration with Crestron, a leading provider of workplace technology solutions that you may already have in your workspace. This collaboration represents a first-of-its-kind integration, seamlessly combining the power of SMART's interactive displays with Crestron's robust control systems.

The integration empowers users to effortlessly control and interact with SMART boards using Crestron touch panels, bringing a new level of convenience and ease to collaborative environments. The fusion of these two technology solutions offers an unparalleled user experience that left attendees excited to bring this innovation back to their workspaces.

With the Crestron and SMART integration, users now have a unified platform that simplifies the control and management of meeting room technologies. Through intuitive touch-based control, users can seamlessly navigate SMART's interactive displays, access content, and collaborate effortlessly in real-time. This integration not only enhances productivity but also streamlines operations, providing organizations with a smarter and more efficient way to conduct meetings and drive collaboration.

Introducing the SMART QX Pro for Business: The Next Level of Interactive Displays

Another major highlight of InfoComm 2023 was the introduction of the SMART QX Board, a revolutionary interactive display designed specifically for business environments. This state-of-the-art display meets the evolving needs of modern workplaces by combining functionality, innovation, and aesthetics.

Boasting ultra-HD resolution, the SMART QX Board delivers stunning visuals and crisp detail for an immersive viewing experience. Its advanced touch technology enables precise and responsive interaction, facilitating seamless collaboration and brainstorming sessions. The board's intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate applications, access digital content, and share information with colleagues in real-time.

The SMART QX Board also offers versatile connectivity options, effortlessly integrating with a wide range of devices to ensure compatibility and interoperability across various platforms. From wireless screen sharing to video conferencing capabilities, this innovative display empowers teams to collaborate effectively, regardless of their physical location. By redefining the way businesses operate and collaborate, the SMART QX Board fosters a culture of productivity and innovation.

Strengthening Partnerships: Connecting with Our Valued Partners and Resellers

InfoComm 2023 provided an ideal platform for us to connect with our valued partners and resellers. Through engaging conversations, knowledge sharing sessions, and live demonstrations, the SMART booth was a hub of collaborative relationships.

Our partnerships with resellers play a pivotal role in expanding the reach of our innovative technology, ensuring that organizations worldwide can benefit from our solutions. If you're interested in learning more about how we work with partners and resellers, visit our Partner Program page and discover how you can become a part of our network.

InfoComm 2023 was truly remarkable, and we're thrilled to bring you the latest and greatest products as we continue to connect and collaborate on the trade show floor and beyond. We look forward to seeing you next year in Las Vegas for InfoComm 2024.

By Gabe Dominguez