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Premier Mounts completes patent registration for the MagnaGuide® series of projector mounts, one of their most popular product lines.
Posted on Tuesday, November 2, 2010



ANAHEIM, CALIF. (November 2, 2010) – Premier Mounts is pleased to announce the successful completion of patent registration for the MAG (magnetically-assisted) series of projector mounts (Patent # US 7,758,001 B2). The MAG series uses the company’s unique MagnaGuide® mechanism and is one of their most popular product lines. The MAG, which comes in three configurations, fits most projectors weighing up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and is approved by UL and OSHPD.

The widespread appeal of the MAG mount lies in its easy installation process thanks to the MagnaGuide® system, which uses two high-powered magnets to guide the projector plate into the ceiling mount. The installation requires only minimal tools and is so simple that even one technician can tackle the task. After attaching the ceiling plate or pipe coupler to position, attach the universal bracket to the projector. Join the two together using the MagnaGuide® system to assist with the installation, then use the included Lock-It™ screws to secure the connection. Additionally, the Radial Glide® feature allows smooth adjustment in any direction and the special hardware pack includes all the screws needed, as well as standard Lock-It™ hardware that deters tampering and enhances safety. This security system comes with its own special set of security screws and an Allen wrench. Going an extra step, the mount also includes a security leveling barrel to be used with either a security cable or a padlock for additional safety and peace of mind.

Other popular MAG configurations include the MAG-EXT with an adjustable height column and flexible ceiling plate that is perfect for angled, vaulted or cathedral ceilings. The MAG-PRO and MAG-PRO-W (black and white finishes) feature an integrated pipe coupler that mates with a standard 1.5" NPT and a cable routing port that discretely manages cables from the mount through the pipe and into the ceiling.