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Premier Mounts - Powering Direct-View LED in 2017
Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

 Powering Direct-View LED in 2017


Partnerships lead to innovation. By listening to the needs of our customers and working to come up with solutions for challenges they face, we are able to lead our field in innovation and creative design. That’s why we put so much work into developing relationships with our partners and customers.

It’s by listening to our customers, their frustrations with their current video walls or the need for easier service access, that we are able to push ourselves to create products that provide solutions. We have found ways to revolutionize A/V mounting in recent years and all it took was listening and finding ways to meet needs that are there.

The same goes for our partners. The LED manufacturers we work with need durable, high-performance solutions and we meet the challenge head on. For example, our FSXA line is a front-service mounting solution that is not only powerful, but built to last. It was developed to meet the specifications of the screens provided by our partners, ensuring that installation and access would be as simple as possible. Our engineers developed a smooth scissor design to allow for easy forward extension and service, while ensuring the mount can be easily secured back in place once the service is complete.

As this video shows, we take great pride in the construction of our mounts. Our employees place precision at the forefront and work hard to ensure each manufactured mount will meet our high-performance standard from day one. We have built a reputation for excellence, and it’s because of the time and focus we spend perfecting the tiny details.

Premier Mounts is excited to bring new solutions to the LED industry in 2017. We are a full service partner, meaning no matter what issue you are facing, be it installation or a much-needed service call, we are available to help. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers and partners. We plan to make the most of this year, and that starts by helping others make the most of theirs. To find out how Premier Mounts can help you, or to see our line of products, visit today!