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Behind the Scenes, Premier Mounts Powers the Moviegoer Experience for ArcLight Cinemas
Posted on Thursday, October 6, 2016

Behind the Scenes, Premier Mounts Powers the Moviegoer Experience for ArcLight Cinemas



The magic of Hollywood isn’t what you see.


It’s what you don’t see.

It’s behind the scenes. It’s the effort, the creativity, ingenuity, the people – it’s a lot of little things that come together to make up the big screen.

Every year, the Academy Awards celebrates these components of cinematic magic. From visual effects to costume design, from cinematography to music, set design and more, we stop to recognize the men and women behind the curtain.

And so it’s fitting that when one of Hollywood’s cathedrals, ArcLight Cinemas, launched its jaw-dropping 50’ x 15’ digital display, the industry stopped to ask just how it came together. How 96 panels 12.7mm thick amass to create the ArcLight StoryWall, as it’s now known.

Assembled like a digital mosaic, the finesse required to seamlessly mount the display speaks to engineering precision. Such perfection requires uniformity from design all the way through manufacturing.


img_31121     With the demanding specifications required by the project, only a manufacturer with the custom and stock versatility of Premier Mounts could meet its needs. From tailored service and engineering advice, to stock SKU’s and custom frame structures, Premier Mounts demonstrated throughout this project why it remains the only supplier in the mounts industry capable of fulfilling such a demanding project as a one-stop-shop.

Where design could be compromised or outsourced, Premier Mounts engineered, manufactured and assisted in the installation from start to finish. This kind of end-to-end solution is paramount. In today’s digital display world, the equipment works harder than ever to facilitate the abundance of content from integrators like Cinema Scene, who manages all content displayed on the StoryWall. Mounting solutions have to support ever-consolidating cabling, wireless networking technology, and thinner, more delicate displays.

Perhaps the magic in film is that we often can’t tell the real from the imagined, the everyday from the custom fabrication. You could say the same is true within the mounting structure of the StoryWall. But like the juxtaposition of spectacular cinematic content and its reliable surroundings, some of Premier Mounts’ most innovative contributions to the project are decidedly mundane. Take the satisfying but simple “pop out” press and release mounts for example. Humbly assisting efficient maintenance, while magically disappearing for show time.

Premier Mounts, like any good supporting actor, is a key ingredient in bringing the story to life. And it’s the story beyond the cinema that ArcLight is creating, a holistic experience for moviegoers–much more than your average theater. In this way, Premier Mounts is truly enabling digital experiences, improving ArcLight’s engagement with its customers.

And the Oscar goes to Premier Mounts.