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Premier Mounts Wins 2016 Commercial Integration Award for Daytona Speedway Project
Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Premier Mounts Wins 2016 Commercial Integration Award for Daytona Speedway Project

Hollywood prizes the Academy Awards.  Athletes go for Olympic gold—not to mention the World Series, and the Super Bowl.  And the academic world covets the Nobel Prize.

While all of these awards speak to different kinds of achievement, all distinguish work recognized by experts as the very best in their respective fields.

Industries of all kinds present their own equivalents to these honors.  And this week, leaders in the Commercial Integration Industry presented Premier Mounts with the year’s Best Large Venue Project Award.  To understand the industry significance of the distinction, think of Premier Mounts as a team of Super Bowl Champions who managed to produce the year’s Best Picture in the world of Commercial Integration.

This week’s award literally situates Premier Mounts’ work as the “best” in the industry. While distinctions of this stature recognize truly distinguished results, they also speak to the often-unseen stories of the work that lead to these results.  Premier Mounts’ earned The Best Large Venue Project Award for its “genius” development of digital display mounts for Daytona Rising, the monumental, $400 million renovation of the legendary Daytona Speedway.

Premier’s task was massive, and came with a broad range of complex challenges.  The Daytona renovation involved mounting and deploying over 1000 TV’s in installations built to meet a range of specialized environmental, budgetary, and technical demands.  Blending customization and capacity, Premier Mounts delivered a solution tailored to the needs of the ISC. Premier Mounts won with consultancy and service, ensuring the right products were engineered, delivered and installed the right way, with ample site visits to ensure success.

The product specifications also shined. Premier Mounts custom-designed and built mounting solutions to meet both UL standards and the harsh demands of Florida’s tropical climate. At Daytona, heat and humidity pose a particular threat to electronics, and the speedway is actually “brushed or directly hit” by a hurricane every 3.6 years.

With a harsh, corrosive environment set to take a toll on any piece of equipment in its way, Premier Mounts was proactive in extending the life of the mount and display assets with anti-corrosion coatings.

The genius in Premier Mounts’ design was, however, not its complexity, but in fact the direct opposite. An early-mover in modular construction and engineering, Premier Mounts offset the premium pricing associated with better mounts by lowering installation time and resources. Today modular design is considered a Top 10 trend in engineering as the industry trades cumbersome onsite builds for centralized, simple assembly, increasing efficiency by decreasing mount times and rework.

One thousand LCD Displays later and Daytona’s operator, the International Speedway Corporation (ISC) has achieved an unprecedented level of fan engagement.

When conferring the year’s Best Large Venue Project Award, the Commercial Integration committee specifically looks for “top commercial integrators who successfully addressed their customers’ needs with innovative and noteworthy installations.”  To earn the award, an installation project must present inspired work in technical innovation and customer service:  “The more we delve into the integrators’… project… the “wow factor” migrates from dazzling technology to being dazzled by how well the firm understood the clients’ unique challenges and how effectively they delivered a problem-solving solution.”

Awards of this stature do not only speak to achievements and end results; they also speak to the distinctive strengths and qualities that lead to these results: To the “tenacity and originality of thought” invested in the work.  Most of all, the award positions Premier Mounts’ work as a representative standard to which other companies in the field should aspire: The award aims “to highlight those lofty projects with the hope that… coverage will spur ideas and carry lessons for other integration firms.”

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