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Solutions Flash: Walmart Music Pavilion - Flying 2 Portrait Video Walls
Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2015

This week’s Solutions Flash involved flying 2 portrait 6x6 video walls from a single truss, on either side of the Walmart Music Pavilion stage. Contact a Solutions Expert with your challenge by calling 877.472.2991, or emailing:

The Challenge

Application:  2 Portrait Video Walls, 6x6 Flown From Truss Samsung UD46C Displays

Property:   Walmart – Arkansas Music Pavilion

Opportunity: Suspend two 6x6 video walls in portrait mode, each from a single truss, on either side of the main stage. No existing walls to anchor the video walls to.

Must maintain consistent and precise bezel alignment. No access to alignment of the video walls once in the flown position.

Venue opening date around the corner required the most simple and efficient installation.

The Solution - Action Taken

To meet the short turnaround time, Premier Mounts used upfront planning and created a strategy to minimize on-site installation.

The Premier Mounts technical engineers created drawings with overall dimensions, connections, and weight loads. The stock product, MVW463 Video Wall Mounting Solution was used to attach the Samsung UD46C displays together in a rigid format, and then safely and efficiently flown.

To ensure that all of the objectives were met, Premier Mounts provided on-site installation consultation.