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Premier Mounts Introduces the Industry’s First Mobile Transport Cart
Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Premier Mounts Introduces the Industry’s First Mobile Transport Cart

Rental and Staging Cart reduces equipment transportation time by 75%


Fullerton, CA (May 4, 2014) – Premier Mounts® provides ultimate convenience and safety with the release of their new Mobile Transport Cart. This unique product drastically reduces transportation time for any TS or TL Base floor stand configuration, as well as optimizing storage space when stands are not in use. The cart carries up to 4 TL or TS bases, along with their corresponding poles, mounts, and adapters, and has a 500 lb. maximum weight capacity. Four 5” wheels are held in place by 4-bolt plate casters for ultimate durability and safety, and features two rigid wheels with two swivel wheels for maneuverability. A push-pull handle provides ease of transport, and dedicated forklift lifting channels provide both convenience and product protection design in mind.


“We’ve always placed an emphasis on our client’s needs,” Stated Shaun O’Brien, Sales Engineer, Premier Mounts, “Which is why we developed this concept with feedback from some of the biggest names in the Rental and Staging industry. We asked them what their day to day operations were like, and what challenges they faced. Then we provided a solution to those challenges. Premier Mounts believes in innovation and customer centricity, and this industry’s first mobile transport cart is evidence of yet another new design with the client in mind.”


Timesaving Technology


The Mobile Transport Cart is the key to effective time management. The first of its kind, this cart shortens installation times by allowing teams to reduce equipment transportation time by 75% with both safety and efficiency. All components of the floor stand are easily loaded onto the cart and transported using the push-pull handle for simplified maneuverability, and the 29.31” (W) x 38.75” (L) cart quickly stores equipment in easily accessible configurations for rapid inventory pulls.


Ultimate Transportation Safety


The Mobile Transport Cart provides protection for installers who would otherwise be prone to injury from maneuvering heavy equipment. The ability to roll equipment from storage to an installation site, rather than physically carrying it, protects both installers as well as their employers from workers compensation cases and injury-related medical expenses. The forklift lifting channels allow for easy lifting and lowering from delivery trucks, minimizing the physical labor involved with transporting heavy equipment and therefore maximizing personnel safety.




Protection for Your Investment


Multiple equipment protection features on the Mobile Transport Cart allow for Floor Stand investments to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Poles can be placed vertically or horizontally to provide for any storage or transportation needs, protecting equipment by providing safe storage regardless of the space available. The forklift lifting channels provide space specifically designed to prevent damage from occurring when transferring equipment from delivery trucks. The 4-bolt plate casters to hold the wheels in place and provide additional durability as opposed to stud-mounted casters, which are more likely to strip, bend or break. This ensures that even at full weight capacity, the Mobile Transport Cart will transport and protect equipment from damage.