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Premier Mounts Appoints Rich Pierro as Co-CEO
Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Premier Mounts Appoints Rich Pierro as Co-CEO  Premier Mounts recently announced that its Board of Directors appointed Rich Pierro as Co-Chief Executive Officer, effective January 20, 2014. In tenure with Premier Mounts, Rich has led the way in delivering innovation in a high-standard environment while managing day-to-day domestic operations in his most recent role as General Manager. His leadership and drive have positioned him as a role model within the company, and his vision and strategy have further solidified Premier Mounts as a leader in the AV industry. Now, Rich expands on his new responsibilities overseeing global day-to-day operations, looking toward the future of Premier Mounts and expanding the company worldwide.


Q:  What’s the difference between Premier Mounts and other mount companies?
Rich:  There’s a misconception that all mounts are created equal, but that’s only until something goes wrong! A low-quality product can cause installations to take twice as long as estimated, fail to meet the needs of the end-user or put the safety of others at risk. It’s just not worth it.  At Premier Mounts we design innovation, quality and customer care into every product at a price that you can still get excited about.  Our people and our products are what make the Premier experience. It’s that experience that makes us unique.


Q:  So, what makes your product manufacturing process special?
Rich:  Our products are made in our fully integrated manufacturing facility, allowing us to ensure the quality of each product as it goes from concept to installation. No matter where in the world your project is, we have the means for fast delivery with assured quality. Location isn’t an issue as we provide the global link for worldwide manufacturing. We have a 65,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Fullerton, California, and a 175,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in the Republic of Taiwan, allowing us to offer options for local and overseas manufacturing. From quality solutions to worldwide availability and post-installation assistance, we’ve got you covered.


Q:  What about your team brings success to the Premier Mounts brand?
Rich:  We include only the most brilliant minds on our Team of Experts, and have high expectations for our people to deliver quality customer service and high-end products to our worldwide customers. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the standard of relationships, both internally and externally, are centered on professionalism, integrity, high performance and reliability. This means that when you have a question, no matter where in the installation process you are, we’re there to answer it. I’ve had a Project Manager get a phone call with questions outside of our products we’d integrated, and had him fly out to the job site the following day to assess the situation. These are the team members that we employ because this is the kind of service Premier Mounts delivers.

Q:  Impressive! What else can we expect from Premier Mounts in the future?
Rich:  We’ll continue moving into expanding worldwide markets with emphasis on our customers. Our design team works with customers starting at project conception by using their years of experience to envision creative solutions, analyzing existing conditions and recommending either a stock product or a custom-designed solution to fit specific project needs. We’re experts in the space between the “device” and the “structure,” partnering with our clients to provide the most ideal solutions and ensuring total project success by engaging our experts in the entire process. Be sure not to underestimate the capabilities of what a mount company has to offer- our day doesn’t start or stop at supplying a great product. We’re on the frontlines of designing and delivering cutting-edge solutions, ensuring that our customer’s goals are met through innovative products, unmatched quality and award winning customer service.


Q:  Do you have any specific projects you can give us a preview of?
Rich:  I’m pretty excited to unveil our Video Wall Solutions Center at Digital Signage Expo this year (we’ll be at booth #710). We’re focusing our attention on continuing to help our customers complete successful installs with the use of this industry-first training tool, and you’ll definitely want to come take a look at what it can do to help in the success of your video wall installation. We also recently struck a partnership with Vogel’s Products BV, the leading AV mount manufacturer in Europe. We’ve been streamlining our distribution growth throughout Europe, and we plan to further that alliance with future product and service collaborations. 2014 will be our year to show our customers how multilateral we can be as we continue to deliver the best in the industry.