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LynTec - LCP 342
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LCP 342 3Ø, 4 wire, 208Y/120Vac, 225A Main, Holds 41 breakers, Controls up to 168 breakers. Includes LCP controller in separate enclosure.

Model: LCP 342

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LynTec’s new LCP panel series is made for lighting and video wall applications. Based on the Square D G3 Powerlink breaker, the LCP brings you the lighting features you need with the performance that you trust. This makes the new LCP series panel one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use power control options on the market today.

DMX, sACN and IP-based Control at Your Fingertips

Built-in web server with browser interface.

Set up, control and monitor via smart phone, tablet or computer.

Interface with any control system that communicates individual circuit addresses in IP, DMX-512, sACN or contact closures for light sensors, motion sensors or switch sets.

Your Systems Your Way

Enable up to 12 zones with each zone controlled by a unique protocol

Create up to four sets of unique DMX-512 or sACN addresses for control

Individually control circuits using unique addresses individually assigned or control entire zones using a single DMX or sACN address to free up addresses for other uses.

UL-924 Capable for Emergency Ingress/Egress lighting

Built-in scheduling program with an astronomical clock that has up to 84 available schedules including Sunrise, Sunset and multiple schedules controlling individual zones for
complete customization

Fully Customizable

30-84 space, 100-600A MLO and MCB panels as well as narrow profile panels

Motorized breakers in 15, 20 and 30 amps, 1, 2 and 3 poles

Optional Integrated SPD and SurgeX in-panel surge elimination modules

Based on Square D’s latest generation of motorized breaker technology, each breaker is rated for 200,000 on/off/on cycles and has a mean time to failure of 900,000 on/off/on cycles

Substantial installation labor savings over any other system available

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