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Since 1974, Comprehensive has been the leader in Pro AV/IT connectivity. Comprehensive products are tested and trusted by the world's leading systems integrators and B2B companies. No other connectivity brand can match Comprehensive's blend of performance, reliability and value which is why our products can be found in stadiums, studios, boardrooms, classrooms, and server rooms around the world.
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Comprehensive Launches New Specialist Series™ Cables: The Perfect Blend of Performance, Reliability and Value for AV/IT Tech Specialists
Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Comprehensive Launches New Specialist Series™ Cables: The Perfect Blend of Performance, Reliability and Value for AV/IT Tech Specialists

Fairfield, NJ – Comprehensive Connectivity Company, the tested and trusted connectivity solutions manufacturer to the Pro AV/IT markets since 1974, recently introduced Specialist Series Cables, a new middle tier series of commercial cables designed for the professional AV/IT Tech Specialist.

Consisting of all the most-popular cable types and configurations and latest technologies including HDMI, DisplayPort and USB, Specialist Series™ cables were designed specifically to meet the demands of AV and IT at Universities, Colleges, K12, Small to Medium Business (SMB) and other commercial environments. 

AV/IT Tech and Media Specialists are constantly setting up various AV and IT systems as well as doing light AV/IT installation work for on-site meeting spaces, remote and hybrid presentations as well as small events.  Many times, standard cables are lacking in the needed reliability and performance required for commercial AV/IT applications and full-blown integration cables are simply more than is required...that’s where Comprehensive Specialist Series™ Cables come in. Specialist Series™ cables are the perfect blend of performance, reliability, and value for almost every day-to-day commercial AV/IT need.

Specialist Series™ are up to 2X more durable than Standard cables on average and use superior components through-out including tinned copper and aluminum shielding, a specially formulated PVC jacket, enhanced strain relief and a durable machined aluminum connector head and more for peak performance and to ensure that your AV/IT set up is always up and running.

And of course, as is the case with all Comprehensive cables, Specialist Series™ cables are covered under Comprehensive’s worry-free Lifetime Warranty.


  • Designed for AV/IT on-site use and light integration in higher education, K12, enterprise, SMB and other commercial environments
  • Up to 2X more durable and reliable on average than standard cables
  • Available in the latest technologies and configurations including HDMI, DisplayPort and USB
  • Aluminum alloy connector shell for added durability compared to standard cables
  • Enhanced cable construction for commercial applications

Lifetime Warranty

For more information about Comprehensive or any Comprehensive products, please visit us at, call toll free at 800-526-0242 or email

About Comprehensive Connectivity

Since 1974, Comprehensive Connectivity has been the Pro AV and IT industry standard for professional connectivity performance, reliability and value. That is why millions of Comprehensive connectivity products are in use at stadiums, in broadcast and recording studios, stages, boardrooms, classrooms, government installations and living rooms around the world. Comprehensive Connectivity Company is a division of New Jersey based VCOM International Multimedia Corporation.