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Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013

Projector Stacking System and Convex System Offer Advanced Technology, Cutting Edge Features and an Overall Lower Cost of Ownership


LAS VEGAS, NV, JANUARY 8, 2013 Casio America Inc., a leader in the digital projection industry, is proud to introduce two new systems ideal for a variety of digital signage applications – the Projector Stacking System and the Convex System. Featuring Casio”s LampFree™ LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source, the Projector Stacking System is available in two different models, the lumen output provided by a single projector.


XJ-SK650 and the XJ-SK600. The Convex System features cutting edge technology that allows a single projector to display images on curved surfaces. Both systems will be exhibited at Casio’s booth (#10904) at the International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 8-11, 2013.


“We are excited to unveil the Projection Stacking System and Convex System at CES 2013, as they offer a range of capabilities while incorporating innovative technology that is sure to raise industry standards,” said Matt Mustachio, general manager of Casio’s Business Projector Division. “We knew we could build on our current technology to address the needs of the digital projection/signage industry with tailored solutions to increase efficiency and streamline costs, further positioning Casio as a leading provider of digital projection technology.”


The Projector Stacking System, designed with two Casio projectors stacked on top of one another, projects two sharp, high-quality images, which the Convex System control box then merges into one screen. It is available in two different models; the XJ-SK650 and the XJ-SK600. The XJ-SK650 features double stacked Pro Series XJ-H2600 projectors and provides users with up to 6,500 lumens, while the XJ-SK600 features double stacked Signature Series XJ-M250 projectors and provides up to 6,000 lumens. Both of these models provide roughly twice the lumen output provided by a single projector.


XJ-SK650 Double Stack ProjectorXJ-SK600 Double Stack Projector
YA-S10 Convex Control Correction Box
High Resolution Images


The Projector Stacking System includes two (2) projectors, ceiling mount housing and the Convex System control box, which corrects and merges screen images. The system features high-precision correction and an interface that allows easy modifications using a remote control. The Convex Control correction box focuses on image alignment with each of the projectors in the Stacking System. When the Convex Control correction box is connected, both projectors can also project high brightness images at any angle making the Projector Stack System ideal for Digital Signage, Sports Bars, House of Worship and many large venue applications.


When used separately the Casio’s Convex System enables users to project images onto curved pillars, round areas, flat surfaces or any unique shape. The system is set up to adjust any image misalignment or distortion without the need for additional hardware. Using the Convex System with any Casio LampFree™ projector, images can be corrected for curved surfaces using free-form surface compensation with a lattice of up to 81 grid points for adjustments.


Both the Projector Stacking System and Convex System are powered by Casio’s state-of-the-art LASER & LED HYBRID Light Source, which provides Lamp-Free, eco-friendly data projection at a percentage of the cost of traditional projectors. Casio’s LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source combines blue laser light and a fluorescent element to generate a high output of green light. The green light, blue laser light, and the light emitted by a red LED are projected through a DLP® chip which, in turn, is passed through the projection lens to form an image. This technology achieves an increase in color spectrum compared with a mercury lamp, while lowering a projector’s total cost of ownership and maximizing investment. Since there is only minimal loss of brightness even during long-term use, it is ideal for those heavy-duty applications involving frequent use of projection such as retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, offices and other environments. With an estimated life span of 20,000 hours, both systems ensure low maintenance and streamlined costs.


Beginning in January of 2013, the new Projector Stacking System and Convex System will be available for purchase. For additional information regarding Casio LampFree™ Projectors, please visit