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Montana school officials get behind new classroom technology
Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2012
Montana school officials get behind new classroom technology

KRTV recently reported that many teachers in Great Falls, Montana, believe future classroom funding should be geared toward the adoption of new technology.

According to the news provider, Great Falls will receive $1.3 million in funding as part of the $7.6 million initiative from the Montana Office of Public Instruction. Although each school under the program can allocate the money toward areas of its choosing, associate principal at Great Falls High School Heather Hoyer believes technology is the answer.

"Overwhelmingly, the teachers said let us get the kids' hands on iPads and Kindles, and use those as reading tools, as research tools, as vocabulary building tools," Hoyer told KRTV.

Other classroom technology can also be effective for student learning habits. A document camera, an interactive whiteboard or an HDMI projector help children tap into their learning potential in different ways than with traditional methods.

The KRTV report also noted that Great Falls English teacher Dawn Dengel believes a common misconception regarding student literacy is that it should be taught under one department. However, even math classes require children to comprehend how to read, write and solve problems.