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Casio Projectors Obtain New TCO Certified Sustainability Seal
Posted on Thursday, February 6, 2020

Casio America, Inc. is proud to announce its Advanced and Superior LampFree projectors are the first in the world to have obtained the new sustainability seal in their product line.

The TCO Certified, generation 8 seal certifies IT products with sustainability, accountability and transparency throughout their entire life cycle. From the production of raw materials to the production conditions and the long service life to disposal, Casio projectors are sustainable. This certifies the renewed distinction with the TCO Certified seal after passing the very demanding test criteria. The internationally recognized certificate for sustainable IT is reviewed every three years. The new version, generation 8 of the seal, was published in 2019. For the first time, it considers whether companies have a management system in place for preventing and responding to corruption. Energy efficiency in the manufacturing phase is also incorporated into the certificate for the first time. Other test criteria have been reviewed in the new version of the TCO Certified seal – for example, evidence that the minerals used are from socially responsible sources.

Long-lasting and pollution-free light source

Casio was the world's first company to use a laser and LED hybrid light source in its projectors instead of more costly lamps containing mercury, which allows a particularly long service life of up to 20,000 hours “Sustainability has been a focus for Casio in the production of our projectors for over 10 years,” said Joe Gillio, Senior Director Strategic Planning and Marketing, of Casio’s Business Projector Division. “Schools and companies in the United States are looking for products that help them with their Green initiatives, and TCO Certified projectors like ours do just that.”

An environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard at all Casio production sites also ensures that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. With its projectors, Casio primarily focuses on educational institutions. In addition to their long service life, the devices also have several educational solutions that are specially developed features for use in schools. For example, teachers can project the work of students from their tablets to the entire class at the touch of a button.

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