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Casio supports Minamata convention by eliminating mercury from projectors
Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DOVER, NJ–Just as the United Nations’ Minamata Convention on Mercury takes effect globally, Casio America, Inc., a leading projector manufacturer, is proud to spotlight its continued support of the environment through its series of LampFree® projectors. The Minamata Convention aims to reduce the risk of hazardous mercury on the environment and Casio is pleased to share that all Casio projectors are mercury-free, and have been since 2010.

The Minamata Convention on Mercury is a "a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury.”* The treaty targets linear fluorescent lamps used in typical lighting and high-pressure mercury lamps, among others. Adopted in 2013, the convention entered into force on August 16, 2017 after the number of ratifying countries reached 50. Currently, 75 countries are parties to the convention, including The United States, Japan and more. Although projectors are outside the official scope of the Minamata Convention, as a company, Casio has been steadfast in being at the forefront of eliminating mercury waste in these types of products and adhering to these standards.

“When Casio became aware of the Minamata Convention, we were eager to comply, even though projectors were not a required product category because it is important to us to deliver technology that is safe to use in classrooms, board rooms, and beyond,” said Joe Gillio, Senior Director Strategic Planning and Marketing of Casio’s Business Projector Division. “Our development team worked tirelessly to create a projection technology that not only met consumers’ demands, but also did not require harmful mercury to be used. The result was our hybrid light source, which combined LED modules with lasers to produce high-brightness projectors, with a long lifespan, and most importantly, did not use mercury bulbs. We called this technology ‘LampFree®’ and it was incorporated into all Casio projectors, well before the Minamata Convention’s 2020 deadline.”

The company’s portfolio of LampFree projectors combines a laser, a fluorescent element and LED light to deliver a hybrid light source that lasts up to 20,000 hours while sustaining a high brightness. Because Casio’s projectors are mercury-free, it removes the need to replace hazardous and expensive bulbs. This not only keeps hardware costs down, but it reduces the overall costs to maintain the equipment.

“As a staunch supporter of eliminating mercury in our projectors, we are proud be at the forefront of delivering technology that does not contribute to the hazardous impact that mercury can have on the environment,” added Gillio.

Casio has five series of LampFree projectors that are available for home, business, education and commercial applications - Core, Advanced, Slim, Ultra Short Throw, and 4K Ultra HD. For additional information on Casio’s projector series and LampFree technology, please visit