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Casio LampFree Projectors: Win a projector at InfoComm!
Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Can you feel the excitement and energy of new technology and innovation? Every year, InfoComm hosts the largest professional AV conference in the world, attracting almost 1,000 exhibitors with unique products for a crowd of about 40,000 attendees from more than 100 countries. And with the ever-changing landscape that is technology, there’s always an overwhelming amount of products to take in.


What has caught your attention so far? If you haven’t stopped by Casio’s LampFree projector booth #C5115 then you’re missing out on the solution to all your AV problems - and, of course, the chance to win a free projector.


What is the key to superior performance?


Consider this generation. It’s fast-paced with little tolerance for interruption or appreciation for waiting. Businesses have consequently set their sights on creating technology that quickens performance. While this track is indeed necessary, it is only half of the battle. The missing key to quality, you ask? Longevity, Casio answers.


Superior performance in the pro-AV industry means you must have the following criteria: quick on and off capability, crisp images and efficient energy usage. But all of that is nothing if your machine rips through its lifespan, requiring constant maintenance and disrupting workflow.


Don’t let your classroom or boardroom go dark because of a silly technical issue. Because without visuals, you’re losing time, money and - most importantly in this day and age - attention. So don’t settle for technology that can’t support your audience.


What can your projector do for you?


Casio’s LampFree family of projectors has both performance and longevity covered. “LampFree” means Casio engineers have developed technology that allows you to avoid disruption and enhance education with a hybrid light source in lieu of the traditional bulb. Specifically, Casio uses a semiconductor-based light source system that brings together blue laser, phosphor and a red LED which produces red, green and blue light. The result: an efficient machine, producing quality images that no longer rely on the life of a bulb.


Here’s what you save:


Time: Now you don’t have to wait for your machine to boot up - the on and off mechanism turns on in seconds. And the projector additionally requires less maintenance.


Money: There are no more costly repairs. The projector generates a 20,000 hour life span with a 30 percent increase in light output at half the amount of power per unit a normal machine would use.


Attention: You keep your audience engaged with quality, consistent images.


And you have the chance to win it all for free. Come check out the technology for yourself. Visit the Casio LampFree projector booth #C5115 at InfoComm 2016, experience the LampFree Touch and Try exhibits, and enter to win a Casio LampFree Projector. There will be one winner for the Event in Las Vegas, June 8-10.