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Casio LampFree Experience Displays at InfoComm
Posted on Friday, June 3, 2016

Casio LampFree Experience Displays at InfoComm


Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced projector problems right in middle of a big presentation. Keep it raised if that disaster was due to a light issue. Bulb burn out? Yeah, that’s typically the case. But in this day and age, visual technology is the absolute key to attracting and maintaining attention - which is something you can’t risk when you’re standing in front of an eager audience.


With Casio’s LampFree family of projectors, you get technology that prevents this from happening, saving you time, money and ultimately, your reputation. Casio engineers have developed a semiconductor-based light source system that uses a blue laser, phosphor and a red LED, that runs through a DLP chip, which produces top-notch quality images.


Feature 1. Instant on and off


Worrying about getting to your boardroom or classroom to ensure your projector is “ready to go” before your audience shows up is a thing of the past with the LampFree projector. Believe it or not - but do, in fact, believe it - these projectors reach maximum brightness in five seconds once switched on. Then, once you’re done, they shut down immediately as well. Just like that. Should you need to turn the projector back on however, you can. There is no cool-down period required.


Feature 2. Lower power consumption


When your projector is generating lower power consumption, you might expect it to underperform in order to compensate for energy. But not in this case. This light source uses a laser, fluorescent element and LEDs that combine to generate a 20,000 hour life span and 30 percent increase light output, all while only using half the amount of power per unit a traditional projector would use. This means crisp, quality images and a cleaner and safer environment, as maintenance now eliminates the need to replace expensive and hazardous mercury lamps. Professionalism and being environmentally conscience is a win-win in today’s society.


Feature 3. 5v 2ADC Direct USB Power


Your life is on that little USB, so isn’t it amazing when your projector connects with it seamlessly? Casio’s LampFree projectors do just that. The high power USB port allows devices direct power, eliminating the need for a separate power supply entirely. One less thing for you to worry about.


Does this sound good, or does it sound great? Come check out the technology for yourself. The Casio LampFree projectors will be on display at InfoComm, booth #C5115, for attendees to view and test.