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Canon Announces Free Firmware Updates For Professional 4K Reference Displays
Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Canon U.S.A. Inc, today announced that the Company will release free firmware updates in early June for six models of professional 4K reference displays—the DP-V1710, DP-V1711, DP-V2410, DP-V2411, DP-V2420 and DP-V2421. Aiming to improve various functions and performance, these updates provide users with improved workflow efficiency for 4K/HDR (high-dynamic range) video production to support and strengthen their video production.

With 4K and 8K broadcasts gaining traction throughout the industry, there is an emerging need for users to be able to transmit multiple resolution signals on a screen at the same time. Through the firmware update, users of the DP-V1711, DP-V2411 and DP-V2421 will now be able to view different video signals, such as 4K (6G/12G-SDI) and 2K (3G/HD-SDI), split into two or four screens i on a single display as well as the luminance, color gamut and audio level meter for each video signal. Additionally, all six displays will now feature expanded multi-screen-display functions—including the ability to simultaneously display a waveform monitor and vectorscope. This feature will help to improve the displays’ operational efficiency from shooting to video editing, allowing for a reduction in the amount of necessary equipment.

Due to increased use of HDR, conventional SDR (standard dynamic range) and HDR-video production are often performed simultaneously. With the new updates, the DP-V1711, DP-V2411 and DP-V2421 will be able to display both a waveform monitor for input signals and post-conversion signals, allowing for the accurate assessment of image quality, while comparing the waveforms of HDR and SDR signals. This update will help to streamline the process from shooting through video editing.

Through the update all six reference displays will now support Video Payload ID via a SDI signal. This will allow for the displays to recognize additional signals such as Perceptual Quantization (PQ) and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) as well as SDR.

Multiple displays can be synchronized via LAN at on-set shooting locations or in broadcast studios, allowing for the batch application of changes to parameters such as image quality and channel settings. Additionally, the updates enable various functions to help support improved HDR video production, including warnings and error-log displays that can help to reduce the potential for mistakes during workflow management.

Portrait Display's new CalMAN2019 software will load 3DLUT data directly to the DP-V2421 and DP-V2420 models via an Ethernet cable. Previously, LUTs created with CalMAN software needed to be stored on a USB memory device and loaded onto the display. This new support enables a closed loop process, enabling faster and more convenient calibration.


The firmware updates for the DP-V1710, DP-V1711, DP-V2410, DP-V2411, DP-V2420 and DP-V2421 professional 4K reference displays are scheduled to be available in early June 2019. For more information, please visit