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Integrated Cinema Processor

Model: ICP-D

Part #: R9801841

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The ICP-D module enables the use of 3rd party media servers on Barco cinema projectors. For a list supported IMBs refer to the installation manual of the ICP-D. On Series 4 projectors, use of ICP-D is protected by a licensing mechanism limiting its usage to specified configuration. The projector (S4+ICP-D) from the factory comes with a grace period of 200hrs. This means that the projector can be used (in “On” mode) with 3rd party IMB for 200hrs. During that period the projector will be in Warning status (orange notification); with the remaining hours in the description. When no valid license is installed in time; the projector will go into Error status and the media server will not be selectable anymore. Contact your supplier of the supported IMB to acquire a valid license. The end user does not need to order something extra from Barco.

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