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ReAX™ Core-I™ (Core Interface Creator)

Model: ReAX™ Core-I™

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A strong control core needs strong tools. Aurora's Core Creator™ tools (Core-I™ & Core-C™), will allow drag and drop creation of interfaces and control code. Since the generated code is based on JavaScript™ it can be modified after generation. Currently in proprietary systems, if the tool has a bug, it cannot be resolved until the manufacturer issues a software update. With ReAX™ since it is JavaScript™, even if the code generator does something wrong, a user can correct the code in a simple text editor or add code to enhance features. Think of all the great things across the web that can now be quickly and easily done with ReAX™. While Aurora created ReAX™, we want to share to make the AV/IT industry stronger, more flexible, and unified. We want to bring choices back to end users and integrators alike. In time, we hope ReAX™ will become part of everyone's vision. Take back control with us and make a difference!

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