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Advanced Medical Technology Association : AdvaMed’s New Hybrid Workplace Features Planar Display Technologies

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Advanced Medical Technology Association : AdvaMed’s New Hybrid Workplace Features Planar Display Technologies
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Founded in 1974, the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) is a trade association dedicated to advancing medical technology for achieving healthier lives and healthier economies around the world. As an advocate for the medical technology industry, AdvaMed plays a pivotal role in promoting competitive policies, and represents over 400 companies across the spectrum of medical technology including manufacturers of medical devices, diagnostics and digital health products.

As part of an office consolidation, AdvaMed moved from two Washington D.C. area locations into a single, brand new workplace. The move also included transitioning to a hybrid work model, altering the way the organization operates on a day-today basis. To support this new approach, AdvaMed needed to upgrade its AV systems and awarded technology integrator Tritech with a design-build project to engineer and install the latest equipment and technologies throughout the new headquarters, including Planar LED and LCD video walls in key locations.

Enhancing Collaboration

In a boardroom and two side-by-side multipurpose rooms, TriTech installed a 10-foot-wide by 6-foot-high Planar® TVF Complete™ 137-inch LED video wall with a 1.5mm pixel pitch in each space, resulting in a total of three video wall integrations. The Planar TVF Complete LED video walls play a crucial role by facilitating communication, collaboration and engagement among both remote and in-office participants.

“The boardroom LED video wall seamlessly integrates with the space,” said Chris Love, AdvaMed vice president of Information Technology. “We primarily use the room for higher level meetings with senior staff and AdvaMed members, and the technology is fully set to allow people to participate remotely. It integrates with Zoom or Teams or any platform we want to use, and supports screen sharing of videos, PowerPoints, Word documents and other content.”

The multipurpose rooms which can be combined into a single, expansive space are larger and capable of holding significantly more people. According to Tritech, the video walls provide large audiences with clear and detailed views of shared content while not detracting from the room’s aesthetics.

In addition to larger meetings, the rooms are reserved for hybrid work sessions where the video walls are integral for supporting active collaboration. “We call these our working groups,” said Aimee Grossman, AdvaMed associate vice president of Facilities and Workplace Experience. “Members and staff will use the video walls to actively update documents or spreadsheets. It could involve writing a policy with everyone able to contribute to it. It’s an important process for our members and the high resolution of the video walls is crucial.”

Flexible Uses

Tritech also installed a nearly 16-foot-wide, 4.5-foot-high (4x2) Clarity Matrix® G3 LCD Video Wall System (LX55M-L) in AdvaMed’s new corporate lobby, providing a versatile platform for digital signage, communications and other uses.

“The video wall is very dynamic in its potential applications,” Grossman said. “We can use it to engage our members and keep them informed. At the same time, it’s a marketing tool for promoting upcoming classes and workshops. And we also use it for special events or making announcements to staff.”

As a centerpiece for displaying fresh and updated content, Grossman emphasized that the Clarity Matrix G3 video wall allows them to better represent their name and what their organization stands for. “It’s very impressive and it has really elevated the lobby environment,” she said.