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IRSN France Command and Control Solutions

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IRSN France Command and Control Solutions
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IRSN France Command and Control Solutions
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Customer Profile

IRSN, a French public agency established in 2001, is the nation’s public service expert on nuclear and radiation risks. Its activities cover all scientific and technical issues related to safeguarding France’s citizens and society from nuclear and radiation hazards.

IRSN employs approximately 1,800 people, including many specialists, engineers, researchers, physicians, agricultural engineers, veterinary surgeons and technicians, as well as experts in nuclear safety, radiation protection, and the control of sensitive nuclear materials.

The Challenge

In order to manage its mission and coordinate all activities related to nuclear risks, IRSN wanted to create an innovative and a secure control center utilizing reliable and field-proven technology solutions.

The Solution

The AV integration company Sonastec, selected by IRSN, chose Kramer solutions for this complex and ambitious project. Indeed, the competitiveness and reliability of Kramer products combined with the expertise and support from Kramer France’s team, especially during the design phase, made the difference with our integration partner.

The nine (9) rooms in the Control Center are equipped with two 80'' monitors and seven (7) video walls with various configurations (3x2, 4x2). From their PCs, users can choose to show a picture, streaming video, videoconferencing, other rooms on a full or single screen, or via multicast on several screens according to their needs.

Four (4) Kramer VS-1616DN, three (3) VS-88UHD, two (2) VSM-4X4HFS matrix switchers, and 50 Kramer DIP-31 multi-format auto switchers were installed to ensure smooth and reliable video and audio signal switching.

In every space, an elegant Kramer KT-107 7 inch touch screen was deployed, allowing users to easily choose different presentation layouts on the government agency’s control room video walls. This enables IRSN staff to display content according to the desired template.

The Results

A relationship of mutual trust established with our partner Sonastec made it possible to successfully implement this project for the French government agency and achieve the end customer’s specific objectives.

IRSN employees really appreciate the reliability and quality of Kramer solutions. The various Kramer technologies provide them with secure and intuitive work tools that are essential to managing their mission-critical responsibilities for France.