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Before switching to a Ross solution, Allied initially chose a different workflow to drive content to their LED walls, entryway dome, and player pods. As a result, Allied were not able to get low-latency video to their screens, and their solution led to a complicated workflow. In order to improve their production quality, Allied needed a unique Unified Control Solution that would seamlessly trigger the displays and devices. The system needed to have an easy-to-use user interface that their young staff could master in a short timeframe, and it also had to be able to drive a broadcast production.


While the adoption of a Ross LED Control System was being explored, Ross and Allied Esports first moved forward on the front of house design and deployed the following Ross products; a Carbonite production switcher, XPression Studio to handle traditional character graphics, a Mira + replay system and an Ultrix router. These cornerstone production control room products from Ross quickly became an integral part of the new workflow.

On the LED side, a decision was made to switch to Ross’ LED Control system, resulting in a complete Unified Control Solution at Hyper X Arena. XPression Tessera was chosen to render pixel-accurate content for all LED screens in real-time. Custom DashBoard panels were built to seamlessly drive the Tessera engines and the Carbonite Mosaic video processor, as well as the “Hype Tunnel” LED lighting system, a 50-ft LED wall and the entryway LED Dome. DashBoard controlled all of these elements while simultaneously cutting multiple program feeds for distribution to linear or online broadcast channels.