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VuScape Helps HSB Keep All Eyes on Emergencies, Facilitating Operations During COVID-19


In order to monitor 64 worldwide locations and assign HSB’s 1,200 engineers, inspectors, and technical personnel to perform inspections and review problems at industries and homes around the globe, the company was seeking to install a central video wall at its global security operation center (GSOC), headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. HSB required an easy-to-use video wall system capable of controlling and displaying a multitude of sources — from cameras and computers to web pages and TV channels — in a range of formats. In addition, the control system needed to be simple enough to build new ad-hoc layouts for monitoring emergency situations. The organization also wanted the flexibility to select the entire video wall or a portion of the video wall and to share with the managers located in two other offices adjacent to the control center. Likewise, those managers required the ability to control what they see on the monitors in their respective offices, whether it be a mirror image of the entire video wall, a portion of the video wall or simply the content coming from one of the sources.  Finally, the system needed to provide intuitive KVM capabilities to ensure operators can quickly and easily control and interact with the sources directly on the video wall or a monitor at their choosing.


HSB selected the VuWall VuScape video wall controller and VuWall2 software platform for their new set up at their GSOC. The VuScape is configured with 12 outputs, where eight are used to drive the main 4×2 video wall while the other four outputs are driving the individual monitors: two auxiliary monitors and two monitoring stations for the managers in their offices. With this setup, any source available for the video wall is also available for the auxiliary monitors.

HSB selected VuWall primarily for its versatility, ease of use, interoperability with 3rd party solutions such as Genetec and Crestron, and certainly for its 24/7 reliability.


Today, every user at HSB’s GSOC can quickly and easily control what they see from any monitor or video wall. Users can control and distribute any content source to any display on the network, from VuScape’s interface that offers a birds-eye view on all the display surfaces. With virtual mousepad capabilities, any operator can interact with the sources directly using their own keyboard and mouse. A further benefit is that VuScape seamlessly interfaces with the Genetec Security Center, so that all HSB’s cameras configured in that platform are automatically listed as sources in the VuWall2 interface. 

The VuWall system was effortlessly programmed into the GSOC’s Crestron system, which also controls the lighting and audio routing. The only video wall commands that required additional programming were the single-line commands to launch layouts or scripts. Users can edit the layouts and the scripts within VuWall2 without further changes within the Crestron program. This saves time and resources when the organization needs an ad-hoc layout customized to an emergency rather than the standard one. This capability and the ease of use of the VuWall2 interface is a fundamental part of HSB’s smooth and efficient operations.