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Siemens Visitor & Advanced Service Centre
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VuWall improves efficiency of Siemens’ Training Facility in Vienna, Austria with superior video wall management technology


Customer and employee training is an essential part of Siemens’ success. Training content must be delivered in a structured, impactful and easy-to-use manner. Some of the most demanding divisions in the company such as security, fire detection, automation and migration, require the training facility to be equipped with an extraordinary visual experience and interactive capabilities for collaboration.

Product requirements for this in-house 24/7 training centre at Siemens included a professional state-of-the-art, 24/7, reliable video wall system with a flexible management tool to accommodate the specific operational needs of the training and presentation centre.


The Siemens Building Technologies Division in Vienna now has a new 4×3 LCD video wall as the main visualization surface, comprised of twelve AG Neovo 55 inch displays, all connected to a VuWall VuScape video wall controller and video wall management software. VuWall was selected for its powerful, easy-to-use video wall management solution, the system’s 24/7 reliability, and its future-proof features such as scalability, 3rd party integrations and its ability for on-site hardware upgrades. AG Neovo was selected for its 24/7 reliability, long product life cycle, image quality and robustness. VuWall is AG Neovo’s partner for video wall control solutions. Together, the solution was able to meet all the requirements of the various use case scenarios that this demo/training room demanded.


Today, the Siemens Visitor and Advanced Service Centre has a beautiful 4×3 LCD video wall used by various departments throughout the organization for many different purposes including training and presentations. This facility was built to impress and it does just that! With a quick and painless installation experience and a very smooth post-install management experience, the customer is very happy with the end result.