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VuScape Powers Multiple Video Walls for Training & Collaboration


MSD in the Czech Republic is host to 1,200 employees from over 70 nationalities, working in one of their two gorgeous buildings in Prague. MSD was looking to modernize their auditorium with a huge video wall for corporate training events and conferences. They were also looking for a new AV solution for their corporate workspaces to improve collaboration and corporate communications. MSD needed a visualization solution that can display multiple dashboard, company information and web feeds. The entire project demanded pristine video quality, low latency, and an easy-to-use control interface.


MSD selected AVT Group to integrate VuWall’s VuScape Video Wall Controller for both projects. In the FIVE building, the VuScape powers a large 12×3 video wall (36 HD 55” NEC LCD displays) in the auditorium with 4 additional screens in the control room. The VuScape has 40 outputs, 8 HDMI inputs and 32 HD IP decodes.

The Riverview building is equipped with 2 VuScape controllers: a VS120 with 12 outputs and 4 HDMI outputs and a VS280 with 16 4K DisplayPort outputs, an NVIDIA QUADRO GPU and 4 HDMI inputs. These controllers are powering a total of 12 displays: a 4×2 video wall in a boardroom and a 4×1 portrait wall in a meeting room.


The auditorium in the FIVE Building is now the most impressive room at MSD. It holds corporate training events and conferences. Its unique high quality video wall consists of 36 LCD displays, an access point for the speaker, PTZ cameras and ceiling microphones for recording and streaming events, all controlled from the adjacent control room.

The Riverview Building is now equipped with multiple video walls bringing the most innovative technology and a modern environment to MSD employees, simplifying the way they work and collaborate while nurturing their creativity. The Creative Room has a “we-inspire” interactive projection surface, their meeting rooms have LCD touch displays and video conferencing systems and the building lobby has LCD displays for corporate communications and visitor navigation.