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Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Wall Attracts, Engages and Educates

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the world's foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. It is the leading source of knowledge, standards, and education in gems and jewelry, and the entity to which students around the globe turn to for the knowledge, skills, and credentials that launch successful gem and jewelry careers. Also, through research, education, and unbiased gem grading and analysis, GIA strives to protect the gem and jewelry buying public by setting global quality standards.

At its location in New York City, GIA turned to Planar Systems for video wall technology that would allow it to present the breadth and depth of its activities in a concise, engaging and informative way. The technology chosen is the Planar® Mosaic™ Architectural Video Wall, a suite of displays in new sizes and shapes that can be installed in compelling new ways to foster creativity, create memorable experiences and impressions, and capitalize on the power of the emerging universe of new and exciting media content.

Planar Mosaic addresses GIA's architectural and communication

A key partner to GIA is TAD Associates, a world-class multimedia and architectural design firm based in New York City with a wealth of industry experience and a proven track record for creating one-of-a-kind technology integrated environments. TAD, in collaboration with architecture firm Ted Moudis Associates (TMA), used its extensive experience in evaluating video walls for GIA. It selected Planar Mosaic for the institute's client waiting area and then engaged with Arsenal Media for assistance with media strategy, content production and programming. James Utterback, architectural designer and project manager for TAD says, "what we, TMA, Arsenal and GIA envisioned for the space couldn't have been realized with any other display."

Stephen Morisseau, director of public relations at GIA expands on this point saying, "we wanted the Planar Mosaic displays to be the first thing visitors see upon entering our offices. Their ability to present multimedia content seamlessly was an important consideration."

Square display configuration creates a nearly seamless ribbon of content

In collaboration with GIA, TAD specified a bold installation of Planar Mosaic: 20 square Planar Mosaic display tiles, mounted in a single row of 10 displays installed back-to-back on the glass wall of the client waiting area. The design of Planar Mosaic allowed the back-to-back displays to be installed on the glass wall in a manner that supports the architecture of the space and provides for a sleek, uncluttered look.

The 22-inch square Planar Mosaic (AD22-Salvador™) display tile is just four inches in total depth, creating an ultra-slim profile. Further, in each row, all displays are physically connected, creating a nearly seamless ribbon on which GIA displays video and fast-motion graphics – along with a balance of textual information – that does everything from explaining the science of gemology to portraying New York scenery. Further, in choosing the 22-inch Planar Mosaic display exclusively, GIA was able to take advantage of a non-traditional display aspect ratio that allows for unique content composition and a visual platform that is clearly distinct from typical flat screens. "With this platform, we can stretch the boundaries of what is normally done with video walls and create unique environments that capture attention and even change viewers' perceptions," TAD's Utterback says.

Engineering and support set Planar apart

Another key aspect of Planar Mosaic is its off-board electronics design. This design allows power supplies for the displays to be located away from the video wall, thus reducing heat. The benefits include the much lower likelihood of heat-induced failures, an industry-leading life cycle (~ 50,000 hours), 24/7 operation (which GIA requires), and no need for additional cooling (which keeps operational costs down).

"We're very pleased with Planar Mosaic and have received numerous compliments on the content and the displays. They're a visual way to capture the attention of staff, students, clients, and others who visit our offices."