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Ghistelinck drives customers wild with incredible detail

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Ghistelinck drives customers wild with incredible detail
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The automotive sector is evolving at an incredible rate. And it’s important that clients—whether they’re private individuals or business leaders—are aware of the innovations and solutions available. Visitors to the Ghistelinck experience center in Kortrijk are able to view vehicles in incredible detail on an imposing LED video wall. With a width of 20 meters and a height of 2.8 meters, the wall adds incredibly crisp visuals and sounds to deliver an unforgettable experience.


First impressions
“For a company like Ghistelinck, it’s crucially important to respond flexibly to a fast-changing market,” explains Vincent Yserbyt, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Group Ghistelinck. “Figures show that in Belgium, the average showroom visit for a new vehicle is dropping. We need to capture people the moment they walk through the door. We want to impress consumers with beautiful products, targeted marketing actions and a showroom that speaks to the imagination. ” 
Ghistelinck turned to audiovisual experts Van Gils - Photonics for advice. They immediately understood the effect that Ghistelinck wanted to achieve and advised working with Barco technology for optimal images and superior quality. 

An enormous impact
Ghistelinck decided on a Barco X2 LED video wall with a width of 20 meters and a height of 2.8 meters, run from a Barco X20 platform. The choice of LED over projection ensures perfect image quality, even in broad daylight. 
“The screen has an enormous impact just from its sheer size,” says Yserbyt. “Before you even step foot inside the showroom, you’re immersed in the world of Mercedes-Benz. The vehicles are displayed life-sized and presented in their actual driving environments.”

The right choice
Ghistelinck are clearly satisfied that they have made the right choice with Barco installing additional Barco LED screens on the water tower at their branch in Waregem. Meanwhile, the video wall in Kortrijk has become a focus point around which a wide variety of marketing events have been organized. 
Yserbyt says it best: “Our Barco screen has been instrumental in making us not just a showroom, but a genuine experience center.”