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Kramer Electronics Supports Oak Cliff Film Festival

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Kramer Electronics Supports Oak Cliff Film Festival
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Visitors to the fourth annual Oak Cliff Film Festival in Dallas not only enjoyed concerts, parties and panel discussions, but they also viewed a number of new films by up-and-coming filmmakers. Thousands of festival attendees experienced new films in high definition clarity, thanks to the high-tech equipment behind the scenes that festival organizers insist must be top-notch. This year’s products were no exception, as Kramer Electronics supported the film festival for the third consecutive year with presentation products ideal for the environment.

Festival organizers partnered with Kramer Electronics and Videotex Systems, a local professional audio/video installer, using the Kramer VP-774AMP ProScale™ digital presentation scaler/switcher to route multi-input sources for film presentation. According to Barak Epstein, account executive of Videotex Systems, the unit was extremely effective in converting and switching multiple video signals for projection purposes in the pop-up theaters. “The scaler is rock solid and easy to install,” Epstein said. “Our tech team loved it.”

Epstein said they used the presentation scaler/switcher to route signals from a Mac Book Pro, a Blu-ray player and even 16mm ¼” audio. He said the installation was easy for his team, taking only a couple of hours to setup a whole venue from scratch, with amazing results for the film festival attendees. “Kramer is instrumental in keeping the festival presentations and exhibitions at a top tier level,” he noted.

Clint Hoffman, vice president of marketing at Kramer Electronics, said the company supports the film festival because it is a forward-thinking venue ideal for showcasing Kramer products. “We are delighted to support this event, not only because it gives young film makers the opportunity to showcase their work using Kramer products, but also because it is a tribute to the creative environments in which our products flourish.”