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Haivision Media Platform - Workgroup Edition

Model: S-HMP-WG5-1

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 Performance Recording for Research Teams and Training Facilities

The Haivision Media Platform Workgroup Edition is designed for teams that need to watch and record multiple synchronized HD video sources for review and analysis. The Workgroup Edition lets you record up to 50 simultaneous streams1 and apply powerful metadata to quickly find important moments in the video. This solution is ideal for research of all kinds, including usability testing, focus groups, simulations, and training.

UX & Usability Testing: Never miss the critical moment of discovery. When conducting research like product testing, focus groups and usability labs, you need to record from multiple cameras and sources and make the content available for viewing and review by stakeholders. The Haivision Media Platform provides a better way to share live and recorded sessions with research teams and other key personnel throughout your facilities for later review, ensuring that the right audience gets direct input on testing and research. With rich metadata capabilities, content is easy to find, resulting in greatly improved study and analysis.

Simulation Training: Many professions use video with simulation-based training to give trainees and participants a hands-on learning experience with instant feedback. Video recording can increase the effectiveness of the training by enabling instructors and trainees to better observe, assess and review the simulation experience and improve feedback, evaluation and ultimately, the student’s performance. The Haivision Media Platform supports your simulation training with a powerful multi-source recording engine so that your participants can gather multiple viewpoints to watch live or for later assessment. Archived recordings can be easily retrieved thanks to the Haivision Media Platform’s rich metadata tagging and search capabilities.

Clinical Training: Continuing medical education programs and teaching hospitals can improve clinical supervision and better assess and care for patients by improving the collaboration and training of their staff. With the insight that video brings, doctors can offer feedback and assessments to the clinical staff to improve or change their clinical procedures and performance. Doctors can also collaborate on the diagnosis and treatments for the patients. With the Haivision Media Platform’s re

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