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AtlasIED - FS12T-99
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200-Watt Arena Horn

Series: Atlas

Model: FS12T-99

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FS Series horn loudspeakers are designed to deliver exceptional coverage and sound quality in a lightweight and compact all-weather enclosure that can be used in multiple outdoor and indoor applications.

The FS Series is designed to offer integrators an easy to install, high-SPL loudspeaker for use in multiple installation types including arenas, gymnasiums, civic centers, and other large venues. The FS Series is available in five models, each designed to provide optimum sound reinforcement. FS Series loudspeakers are constructed using rotationally molded linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) to create an incredibly strong yet lightweight enclosure. Each model includes a stainless steel U-bracket allowing for easy mounting as well as multiple fly-points for applications requiring the loudspeakers to be flown.

Each model incorporates an integrated 70.7V transformer with low insertion loss and full frequency response. The transformer is discretely mounted under the rear cover for weather protection. Each long throw model and the subwoofer has power taps up to 200W while the single short throw version has power taps up to 100W. Each model is finished in a neutral "battle ship grey" that is UV resistant and will allow for years of durability.
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